What Others Are Saying About Idaho Funerals

john-and-linda-curtis-idaho-funerals-funeral-preplanning-derk-heinerFor most of my adult life, I worried about dying young. My father died of a heart attack at 49 and my grandfather died of a heart attack at 49. I always dealt with this anxiety with humor, telling my wife I only had a few years left so she better enjoy it, and joking that investing in my retirement was eating a greasy hamburger and fries.

Finally, my wife asked why I did that. She didn’t like me saying those things. I explained it was my way of preparing her for what might come because my mom was not prepared when dad died. She calmly suggested that a better way would be to just get prepared for death, so I could stop worrying about it.

It was then I called Derk Heiner to preplan a funeral. I loved working with Derk to customize a funeral plan for Linda and I. He has a very calming, pleasant personality that made the whole experience easy and painless. He presents all the options without pressure, seeking only to educate and explain. When we were a bit stuck on which direction to go, he made suggestions that helped us move forward. Selecting the coffins and detailing the funeral was an enjoyable process, especially knowing we were making this decision at a time lacking the emotion of a recent death, and ensuring our kids could focus on grieving and then moving on.

Derk was a kind, gentle and knowledgeable guide through the whole process.

barbara-boles-idaho-funerals-derk-heiner-funeral-planning-advisorMy son was anxious about his ability to make my funeral arrangements when that time came. And, in order to assist him, I spoke to Derk Heiner.

Mr. Heiner was very professional and helpful in making those arrangements. I would highly recommend Mr. Heiner for pre-planning of funeral arrangements to assure things are taken care of as you would like and to relieve your family of this decision at a very difficult time.

I found Mr. Heiner to be very proficient and helpful in assisting me in this pre-planning.

If you have been reading my columns regularly, you will know that I am a strong devotee of prepaid funeral expenses. It is my contention that this is the ultimate act of love.

~Bruce Williams
Smart Money Radio Host and Smart Money Columnist

I wish that when my father passed away, my mother and I wouldn’t have had to suffer through planning the details of a funeral at a time when we were most emotional and vulnerable. Advanced funeral planning would have been a blessing. My mother now has planned and prepaid her arrangements to ensure that doesn’t happen to us when she passes away.

We have long considered pre-planning our funeral expenses and wishes.  As we have seen the loss of three of our four parents, we have witnessed first hand the contrast between a pre-planned program and having to make all the arrangements at a most difficult time, when nothing was planned.  It was our desire to spare our children the anxiety and cost of arranging our funeral services so we contacted Derk Heiner and Relyea Funeral Chapel to assist us in meeting our needs. Derk was very knowledgeable and helpful with the answers to our questions and concerns about making sure our final needs were as light a burden as possible for our family.  Through Derk’s capable and friendly assistance, we now have our funeral plans in place. There is a certain peace of mind in the knowledge that during a time of mourning, we have done our part in easing this burden for our family.