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Our Promise To You

  1. We work for you. We will give you complete attention and the best information, including current price comparisons on the services you choose.


  2. We are thorough and efficient. When we’re finished, you will not need to ever worry about whether or not you have enough money set aside or if you forgot something.

    3. You will not be subjected to any sales or pressure tactics. We work for you. Until you feel completely comfortable and satisfied, our work is not complete. In fact, our program offers a complete 30-day, money back guarantee. This is a symbol of our desire to make sure that you have a pleasant experience and feel completely comfortable. Beyond that, you can change your plan anytime you want or feel a need.

Our Question To You

What situation do you want your family to find itself in at the time of your death? Do you want them making difficult, expensive decisions during the worst possible time of their lives? Or, would you rather see the benefit of providing them with a secure plan?

Are you willing to take the steps to provide them the certainty they will need?

We have helped thousands of people prepare for this unexpected moment by recording their personal information and wishes at the funeral home of their choice. All arrangements have been made, making this difficult time of mourning much easier for those who would otherwise have needed to make these choices. These families have been able to put their focus where it was needed after suffering the loss of loved ones.

If this is important to you, and you are a person who feels a personal responsibility toward being prepared, do not make the mistake of putting this off for another day! Over the years, we have been able to develop a process that is as simple as possible for you. Contact us now and we will help you with the pre-planning of your funeral.

Our Story

Thank you for taking a little time to find out about a type of planning that will one day bless the lives of your loved ones. I sincerely hope the information you find within our site will educate you and help you to feel comfortable with inviting us to help you.

Funeral planning was not always important to me. Growing up here in Idaho as part of a large family, I found myself at quite a few funerals for family and friends. Still, funeral planning did not even enter my mind. Here’s how that changed.

One day as I drove home from my office, I called home to see if my wife needed me to stop at the store for anything. On the phone, she was crying hysterically, and it was hard to make out her words. Then, I understood her to say that her mother had been killed a few hours earlier in a traffic accident. I was in disbelief! At home we quickly gathered our three children, packed, and arranged to be gone for a few days.

After driving all night, I remember walking into my wife’s parents’ home and seeing my father-in-law take his daughter into his arms. It was a sobering moment.

The very next morning we met with a funeral director to make arrangements. It was then that I realized that this event is one of the most important moments in a person’s life. It’s a time when many details need to be addressed and done right. It’s also a time when family members are overwhelmed with important decisions and detailed information, all of which must be completed in a very short period of time.

It is important that you know that my experience is not uncommon. In fact, everyday many families in your area go through a similar hardship.

Most of these families have thought about making a plan and getting organized. They readily agree that waiting until someone passes away is the worst time to be making plans. They know it is hard to make decisions and think rationally when they are so emotional and oftentimes exhausted. Almost without exception, people wish they would have taken time to complete a plan when it was more convenient. The trouble is we never want to take the time.

Give Your Family A Secure Plan. . .

. . .Instead Of Uncertainty.

Providing Love In Hard Times

While your family members will probably still have to arrange time off from their work, some of them will probably still have to travel, and they will most certainly still miss you and be very emotional over your passing, we promise to take to help you align your pre-planned funeral exactly how you want. When your family members do go in to meet with the funeral home, they will not be overwhelmed by decisions, they will not wonder how you would want them to plan your services, and they will not have to worry about how they are going to pay for everything.

Please do not hesitate a moment longer! Funeral planning is important and you will feel so good about having it completed.

Give us a call to make sure you are one of those fortunate families who have a plan of security, not uncertainty.

Let Us Lend a Helping Hand